Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bonus Post: The Cutest Lil' Displacer Beast

Today, instead of me being too lazy to do a post, you get this picture of the world's cutest displacer beast. It's arted by Wuffie, who is starting up a pretty awesome Etsy shop at Elsie Levels Up. You can also find her on Twitter and Livejournal. Her profile info is my writing so if awesome geek art isn't your thing you should at least go have a read.

Wuffie plays Horatio Beverage, elven cleric, in my weekly Maptool game, which has just polished off Rescue at Rivenroar and is moving on to the Siege of Bordrin's Watch after a short hiatus.

If anyone else has D&D themed art or craft they want to show off you should feel free to send it through to starfall2317, at, with links you'd like connected to it. If I get a bunch I'll do a post of it.


By The Sword said...

You might want to check out Hello Cthulhu:

Maelora said...


Displacer Chibi! How kiyoooot!

Thanks for the link.

I'm in the process of drawing our D&D characters. Yeah, I dislike 4E but I feel somehow honour-bound to draw the characters regardless.

I try to draw them in the cheesecake, Larry Elmore style. You're welcome to use 'em if you want.

Kelly Davis said...

is your maptools game 4E?

Greg Tannahill said...

@Maelora - would love to see your drawings. I've actually just been reminded that I did a heap of sketches for a 7th Sea game I've still got around but I probably won't inflict them on you.

@Kelly - Yes, it's 4E. We're running the Scales of War adventure path from Dungeon Magazine.

And everyone - sorry about the lack of posts! There's one scheduled for tonight and I'm hopeful of getting a backlog set up again later today.

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