Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bonus Post: XP Totals

Everyone loves bonus content, right? Here's an extra post in addition to the one queued to publish at 10 PM.

Eleven Foot Pole commenter Brian took up a challenge I set when I was talking about Thunderspire's XP budget. He's gone away and done the maths to bring us the total XP handed out by each of the three modules of the H series. I think that's incredibly awesome and I'm secretly gratified that it doesn't turn out to contradict me. I'll give you his words:

Brian: I have totals for H1, H2, & H3. Assumptions are that all encounters are finished, one major quest is awarded per module, and all minor quests within them (Find the Boar, etc.) are completed.

H1: 4047
H2: 11447
H3: 25838

This'll obviously vary somewhat if you don't do Quest XP, skip parts of dungeons, etc. but it looks like you end up on the cusp of level 11 at the end of H3 if you actually manage to clear the whole thing out. It also means that you do indeed end up over-leveled if you add in side treks and random encounters without adjusting XP. It is possible to skip/miss parts of H3, though, so that might not be a big deal... depending on how complete your party normally is.


Thanks Brian! And you can check out his blog at The Amber Tower.


Brian said...

Hey, that's me up there in the bright lights. You're welcome for the numbers, and thanks for pimping me blog. It's a rather unfocused collection of posts about things I like (movies, comics, games) and random bits of my life, and it really needs to get on a more consistent posting schedule but some of you might be able to find something of interest over there.

Kelly Davis said...

Good work, Brian! Ahh, the internet, where people do things for you, so you don't have to think! :)