Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Brief Interruption

Hey there, surprisingly large number of readers!

I'm about to head off to holidays. From tonight through to 19 April I'm in Perth, Western Australia. I will be attending the Swancon science fiction convention over the Easter long weekend, where I will be speaking on a couple of panels and running sessions of my diceless one-shot games The Heist and The Island. If you are a Perthy, it is not too late to attend!

I will have my laptop with me; I'm intending to post a couple of times, if only to finish the Keep on the Shadowfell series. When Keep's done I'm planning to go on to talk about its follow-up, Thunderspire Labyrinth, so if you have any interesting stories about your experiences with Thunderspire - or even non-interesting stories - please share them in the comments. I know how it's working for my group, but the more alternate viewpoints I have the better!


Anders Hällzon said...

Thunderspire Labyrinth will be interesting. I hear people say it's one of the better 4E modules. Haven't played it myself, though.

I do plan on running Pyramid of Shadows in the future. It feels a bit premature to ask, but are you going to cover that one too after Thunderspire?

(CAPTCHA: "prearser" - a kind of low ranking clergyman, right below a preacher.)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait. I enjoy your posts on the Wizards forum, so I decided to follow the link to your blog, which has been entertaining and informative, and I hope to see more.

Anonymous said...

Was recently pointed in the direction of this esteemed blog, and I'm suitably impressed! I'm really looking forward to your next series of dissections. I do much the same myself but in a shockingly casual way compared to your surgical strikes. Well done mate.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Finish Keep!

Who are you on Wizards?

You're a great writer and I'm learning a lot and getting a lot to think about good gamemastery too. -Aaron

GregT said...

I'm GregT_314 on the Wizards forums.

Still in Perth; back Sunday. This is my first internet access while I've been on holiday and the last until I get back.